SARIYER  Shelter - Anadolu Ilac castration project
Narin, a very skinny female dog, with a broken hip.
We asked Mr Ahmet from Aandolu Ilac, that we would like to take the dog. As it was impossible for her to survive on the streets with 
her broken hip. He allowed this and we took the dog Narin into the kennels, where "ours" may still allowed to stay.
One morning Narin wasn't at her place. They have taken her out and brought back. WHERE??? Nobody knows.
Our worker heard Anadolu Ilac's 2 workes talking to each other "let us get rid of this dog".
Asked Mr Ahmet; he was very surprised that Narin was taken away. He promised to check the address where she
has been taken and brought back, but it has been almost 1 months and  Mr Ahmet doens't answer our phone-calls any more.
By the way,  due to the regulations of the bid, for catching, for castrating and for bringing back; the Municipalty is ought to
pay 3 different fees. The fee for bringing back is 20 YTL, which is roughly 11.11 Euros.
Did Narin, with the broken hip should leave for this 11.11 Euros?
P.S. and please check the size of the ear-tag! Discusstingly to big! The ears of the castrated dogs will be teared off!